Dear authors,

It is our pleasure to announce that we will be able to support a limited number of students to attend the 2015 IEEE GlobalSIP in Orlando, Florida, USA. The important dates as follows:

Application Open: August 4, 2015 12:00 AM EST

Application and Recommendation Letter Due: August 18, 2015 11:59 PM EST

Application Closed: August 18, 2015 11:59 PM EST

Decisions Announced: August 31, 2015

GlobalSIP Travel Grant Application Form:

All applications must be submitted online. For best consideration for GlobalSIP, applications should be received by the date noted above. Applications will be considered until the exhaustion of funds. Applicants will be notified of the decision. Successful applicants should make their own travel arrangements and keep receipts; they will receive detailed instructions on grant payment.

Reference Letter:

Each SPS Travel Grant application must be accompanied by a recommendation letter from your supervisor or a senior colleague who is familiar with your work. Instructions on how to submit the reference will be given in the confirmation email after submitting an application, and can be passed onto the reference person.

Grant Support Amount:

Note for applicants from the same region as where the conference is located, the typical grant support is up to US$500. For applicants from regions other than the conference region, the typical support is up to US$1000. The travel grant selection committee reserves the right to award a different amount than requested.


 1. In order for your application to be considered, current SPS membership is required at the time of application.

 2. Only a limited number of grants will be awarded, and on a highly competitive basis.

 3. The grants will be awarded to applicants who have a genuine need for support, and the paper quality may be taken into consideration.

 4. The grants can only be used to cover the travel expenses for applicants to attend the approved conference/event. The grants, if approved, will be on a reimbursement basis at the conference.

 5. All applications should be submitted online. For best consideration, applications should be made by the specified date announced by the travel grant selection committee. Applications will be considered until the exhaustion of funds.

 6. The travel grant result will be posted on Applicants will be notified of the decision by email. Successful applicants will be notified with further instructions.

 7. Region classification for the purpose of travel grant selection includes: Region 1-7 US and Canada, Region 8a (Europe), Region 8b (Middle East and Africa), Region 9 Latin America, Region 10 Asia Pacific.

The SPS travel grant selection and oversight committees reserve the right to make the final decision regarding all applications.

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